North Rupat Beach in Rupat Sub-District, Bengkalis

No one should overlook Bengkalis District, which is the part of Riau Province. It has some good tourist spots on which visitors can enjoy, after all. One of them resides in Rupat Sub-District and the name is North Rupat Beach. The location is near to Dumai City so it gets many visitors either during workdays or weekend. The beach has specialties like calm sea water and white sand, which are suitable for numerous tourist activities like family recreation, water sports, sunbathing, and even swimming! Some visitors take advantage of the nuance of the beach to do photography, actually.

The Nuance
The charming beach called North Rupat has become more popular as the time goes by. Thanks to the pristine beauty and its amazing sea scenery. No one gets bored when exploring the site, for sure. The sand is white and soft, on which visitors can walk comfortably (even without footwear). On the seashore, tourists can find gazebos too. It is free to use the facility as long as no other visitors are using it. Another feature of the beach is the breezy wind, which is quite rejuvenating especially in the morning.

Exploring North Rupat Beach
The fact is that North Rupat Beach is the representation of many beaches that reside in Rupat Island. Simply put, it is the most crowded one as compared to the others. Mostly, tourists come to this beach to enjoy the sea scenery while sitting on the gazebo. The best time to come to the site is before the sunset when the atmosphere appears serene and hypnotizing. Somehow, it creates a romantic nuance as well. In this case, couples should never miss the chance to witness such natural attraction.

The waves are not quite strong, so North Rupat Beach is suitable for swimming and other types of water sports. Not to mention the water is pristine and clean. For those who don’t like swimming, they can simply relax in the shoreline and do other fun activities like fishing or sunbathing. One thing, the most recommended time to go fishing is in the afternoon when fishes are abundant and the atmosphere is more comfortable. For a family with kids, they must directly head to the gazebo before it is occupied by other visitors.

At night, tourists can buy some fishes from fishermen. The fact is the price is cheaper than those of the markets. It is because tourists buy them directly from the locals. Later, they can use the fish as the main ingredient during BBQ party. What’s more? At a specific time, the locals hold an annual festival, performing numerous attractions like windsurfing, kepah hunting, etc. Have no worries. Tourists are allowed to join them.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
In order to reach North Rupat Beach, travelers must pass through several checkpoints. From Pekanbaru City, their first destination is Bengkalis District. Next, they need to head to Dumai City and take a ferry to reach Rupat Island. Once they get to the island, they only need to spend several minutes to reach the beach.

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